Couple Sweaters

1. Will
Very sad when you meet someone you think is extremely meaningful
With you, only to finally realize that that emotion will never be
Is reciprocated and you are the one who must go. But when a door closed, another door opened. All you have to do is stop waiting for the door to be closed, find another door open for you
2. Love starts
By loving their true self, rather than loving them as love
A picture you draw, otherwise you just love the reflection of the main
You where they are
3. Never say no longer love if the other’s tears can still hold you
4. Waiting is not only a measure of love but also an opportunity to improve oneself
5. There are many ways to start a relationship, but there is only one way to end it: break up.
There are many ways to confess, but there is only one way to quit: Say goodbye
6. The only mistake is to deny what your heart truly feels
7. The quickest way to get love is to give it the quick way to lose love. Keep it too tight, the best way to preserve love is to give it wings freely.
8. Love
Love without faults, simply have a heart that is inadvertently
Arrhythmia If so, blame them for bringing them together and meet up
Each other too late in life
9. Life
It is a place to arrange mistakes in order … wrong to come to
It shows the maturity, the pain must have to complete the heart
10. Every life
Every human being has times of grief, sadness, but at times
See leisurely, lightweight … It is unhappy and happy
11. I dropped a tear in the open sea, and when someone found it, it was time to stop loving you
12. Ban
Almost 3 years ago, “i love you” was 3 minutes apart
In short, you are not immediately aware of your feelings, general de
I’m sorry to say that my life is not good enough
13. People really love you …
Who can feel the pain in your heart …
While others still believe it is the smile on your face …
14. Follow someone who can make you smile because only the smile dispels the darkness in you.
15. People usually have many places to go. But there is only one place to return …
16. Happiness … sometimes it is simply the existence of oneself, recognized by someone, accidentally caught and kept …
17. A goodbye
Make us cry …
A goodbye
… Simple
Make you hurt …
A lie
Make you hate …
A confession
Made me forgive …
And simple
Make me love …
18. People who make you happy are capable of making you the most hurtful
19. People
It is often difficult to learn how to say goodbye to love when not
Shared the same step, difficult to accept so that love has become a memory and
It’s hard for the loved one to become the past
20. No one is worth your tears. And worthwhile people will never make you cry

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