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These quotes about love
1. Silence, that is not required
If you want to say, if the quiet is near the mark
2. Debt 1 smile – To return with countless water Pay one time interest – To return with thousands of balance Debt 1 hand – To just one turn to let go is always forever Look at each other Relatives – To see each other as strangers
3. Ko beautiful enough for everyone to ask. Not high enough to stand out among the people. No sweet enough to please anyone else. But enough self-confidence to ask for by heart.
4. Love is to find happiness in the happiness of his lover
5. How big the wound, some days heal.
The heart is a little cold, there are also thaw.
6. No split will be finished
Can not touch the game
No request is happy
Not Good Phuc is fun
7. Love a person
When you get it that each day, the woman will not you more than unknown
Than. He will smile to you with a genuine smile, tell you
With a voice, look at you with affectionate eyes and look after you
With the graphs close, loving
8. If the water is kisses, I will give you the sea
If not stumbled, he would give them all the trees
If night long is love, I want to send you the stars sparkling
Timeless buttons can not give the given because they were real estate
9. There is no eternal love but only the eternal moments of love
10. Big love does not love many but love one person and for life
11. Have a brand name life
There a manges bearing name
There is a miracle named love
There is a gift bearing the name of happiness
The Living is not waiting …
Slowing …. think else …. And love more than
12. Do not forget you can not receive it. Please smile and be patient
13. I only took a second to say I asked you but it would take a lifetime to prove it
14. There is a day that a person asks a person is love
One person close to the one and answer – Do not know!
Once a day that a user will be a very much
A manufacing hands a man and answer – Do not walk
15. No first weapon or absolute power can hold the heart once it has been decided to exit
16. Do not think LIKE and LOVE like …
Between LIKE and LOVE:
The letter I converted to O, ie Important – important has become unique – unique.
The K has turned into a V, meaning Keen – into Vascularism – into blood vessels.
For example to LOVE LOVE, dùng LIKE khi không đủ LOVE
17. No one is fool enough to love someone who does not love you
No one is good enough to accept a lie
There is not enough people to feel so step by step one who sees themselves as shadows
No one is silent enough to not be angry with someone too unknowingly
18. There is pain to be ended. There are self-flowing water to dry. And natural smiles must be found again
19. Do not forget all you have done, laugh because all up to front
20. Can …
You are must be a guy or a pretty blonde girl …
But …
If you love and will share, you will be a best guy

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