Cute Couple Shirts

1. Only when you truly want someone to be happy, even happiness is not for you, you just understand that you loved him or her.
2. Will
Very painful when you love someone that is not reciprocated. But
It hurts more when you love someone who is not brave enough to tell
That person knows how much you loved him
3. Laughing people are not necessarily suffering
Sometimes try to laugh to cover an invisible pain
4. People who make you happy are capable of making you the most hurtful
5. Can deceive all, but never deceive myself. The heart is not born to hurt itself
6 The gaps between your fingers are born so that the fingers of your love fill you
7. Jealousy
Because I love you, angry because I care about you. Crazy because i miss you
, Just because I do not want to lose you, silent because I want you master
More interest me!
8. Do not be lonely … love the wrong person.
And do not love the wrong person … but a lifetime of loneliness
9. Not by, does not mean stop loving
Do not talk, does not mean do not remember
Even in the distance, but still breathing
Although not close but still in the heart
10. When the eyes of the eyes are dark
When opening the eyes is painful
When lonely nostalgia is tears
And happiness comes only in dreams
11. Love someone
When you realize that every day, he or she will give you something new
than. He will smile to you with a genuine smile, telling you
Sweet voice, looking at you with affectionate eyes and caring for you
By gestures close, love
12. If you can not believe – do not try …
If you can not be sincere – do not love …
If you do not – do not say ..
If nothing – then forget … ..
Sometimes, there are enough things besides still lonely …
But sometimes, just one person is feeling more than enough
[Debt 1 smile] – Then pay each other with a lot of tears …
[Debt 1 concern] – To pay each other by thousands of careless ….
[Debt together a handful of fist] – Then only once to let go is forever ….
[Debt mutual eye look] – To look at each other as strangers
15. Too easy to express love by the tongue
And it’s so hard to fly your heart out!
16. Pain … simply because love for that person is thrown away.
Sad … because of the anxiety of his how long … is meaningless.
Remember … what memorable
Forget … what to forget
Change habits gradually
And … Accept .. what was lost … !!!
18. Get used to the cold of rain
In order not to depend on the warmth of the sun
19. They are far from each other but always remember each other. They are more like each other, like two strangers
20. Making me hurt is your habit
Loving you is my hobby

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