100 reasons why i love you

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We love a person for very simple reasons

Love is not a big reason why. Actually, your heart can still be pounding for a person just for the simple and trivial things in this life.

That is the interesting message every night, that person is interested and want to know about how your day was like.

You are passionate about your day, and that person is sincerely listening to your story. Each time you talk to him or her, it brings a sense of comfort and peace after a long, long day of socializing for you.

He or she always wants to know what your date is like, ready to hear you talk without being tired or depressed. Only that you love the person more and more.

Do not understand why that person always appears at the right time, at the right time you need help.

You remember that on a rainy day, that person suddenly appeared at you without notice. In his hand, he holds the umbrella and looks at you smiling: “Let me take you home”. The heavy rainy day is annoying, suddenly because of the thoughtful appearance of someone that becomes lovely and beautifully strange.

Or when the days suddenly pour in the wind, the person rushes back and stops blocking the wind to shield you. You bring back your hair, he looks at you and smiles. You naturally feel in peace and contentment.

The silly thing that you do, that person wants to do with you.

When watching movies in the theater, you like sitting in row A, or sitting in the farthest seat, or waiting for the movie to show that there is nothing to show. People have been leaving since the movie was over, the whole theater was empty, only you watched to the end of the tape, that person you enjoy with.

You drink a glass of milk but do not like jelly, instead of telling the seller right from the beginning do not take jelly, you still call a normal glass and then scoop the scoop out. You like to eat yummy items like noodles, noodles, pho but prefer to eat spoon, soup, chopsticks, you like to become weird and feel happy to do so.

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Showing 1–36 of 48 results