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5 signals the couple happy

If the signals below always exist in your marriage life, prove that your partner is perfectly happy. If there are less than 3 signals, your marriage is on a “red alert” and needs to be “warmed up” again.

Serve dinner!

With the current rhythm, dinner is usually the only meal of the day that the couple is sitting together, eat comfortably without any hurry.

With happy couples, dinner is very important, no matter how busy they try to go home and have dinner with their partner. Out to eat with friends, but not too often or they will go together for dinner that day.

Ready to pick up when possible

If a husband waits for his wife for an hour near her office to pick her up without blaming the delay when he sees her, it shows that the couple is really happy.

Likewise, if a wife goes 20 kilometers out of her company just to enjoy a quick lunch with her husband, they prove they have spent all their love for each other.

Silence without blame

A happy couple in marriage is comfortable when silent around each other. They do not have to scream or grind the other half when something is not right. Instead, they can sit together for hours without saying a word but still happily holding hands.

Share the work together

A happy couple always works together. They will enroll in dancing classes, go to the movies together and even make ready to go shopping together. This shows that they always want to be together and want to spend as much time as possible together.

Accept the differences and find the compatibility of each person

Many people think that a happy life is when they accept and guide themselves to the common interests of their mates without knowing that this can lead to them becoming copies of each other. Lifelike that will lead to boredom.

The way to be happy in a kiss is to accept the difference of your partner and seek your own compatibility. If you like golf, let him play golf. Be there to cheer for him with your teammates and he will join your book club just to make you happy.

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