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The secret to happy couples you think easy but hard to imagine

Today, a happy family is easily shaken by many factors: inconsistencies, conflicts in life, the appearance of the third … Pocket the right tips to keep the couple happy, keep the fire of love always warm and protect the home is always strong.

According to statistics, the divorce rate of young people now tends to increase rapidly, the next year higher than last year. Why happy family so fragile? The couple seems to be missing the secret to a happy couple.

The secret to the happy couple
To keep love and bonding together in a married life is not easy. Sweet nectar love is easily affected by too many factors: disappointment, differences in lifestyle, collision when living together …

So what is the secret to long-lasting happiness? What is the limit for the conduct of a spouse?

Cohesion is the enamel of love
Husbands and wives married as long and superficial in the embrace of affection will lead to the path. Happy couples share the secret of love in four categories:

Body contact helps to feel the emotions, which are essential for maintaining a strong sense of fire. Otherwise, the couple is just roommates and not a “mate”.
Husband and wife are happy and affectionate. The connection helps both look in the same direction.
Husband controversy is the spice of marriage, otherwise, the common life will be bland. There should be minor disagreements between the couple, but do not let small contradictions become rifts for lack of communication.
Happy couples always know how to communicate with each other. They listen to the enemy, put themselves into the role of the mate that think. From there understanding and sympathy, avoid the vicious and attack each other.

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