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7 things happy couples often say to each other every day

In the marriage life, there are many things that make us dissatisfied, but how to make the couple understand each other so that the family is happy, this is what couples are happy to share…

1. Say “Thank you” instead of “Sorry”

In the married life, whatever the enemy makes for yourself you will also feel it is love, sweetness. At those times, it is important that you say “thank you” and respond to it.

Try to do the best possible for this marriage, so never have to say sorry. Repeated mistakes will cause your partner to lose faith in you.

2. Say “we” instead of “me”

When you say “we” prove that you have regarded him as your true half, a person can not be separated from your life. It is also the love affection stick, all the success or mistakes you will share. You will also bear all responsibility if the person makes a mistake or failure.

3. Ask “How are you today?”

Maybe you think it’s a little thing and does not need to ask but that question is very important. That will be your concern and love for that person, to know, a day of what they experienced, happy, sad or not?

The Truelove affair that couples happy for each other from the little things you do every day and share it.

4. Say “We’ll be okay” instead of, “I told you”

A happy couple is no distinction of power people who do not, who ordered the person to listen. Always give each other the best possible compliments and take joint responsibility in every situation. Do not criticize, blame others when mistakes.

5. Always good night

Happy couples always say sweet words before going to sleep. A good night also warms the heart of the next. They will fall asleep quietly when they hear the words from the mouth of the person they love.

6. Say “I love you” every day

Many people say that “I love you” every day will lose its meaning but many people said that this is a great habit to keep happy with couples. You can use it instead of thanks, goodbye but the meaning of it will remain forever, the love you give to him does not change.

7. Say “I’m very happy”

One of your words implies that you are appreciating your partner and are happy to be with him. And then, your husband and wife will feel that they have done a great job of bringing happiness to others and both will have a happy life.

The feeling of happiness is spread throughout the house. This is a very necessary phrase to build a meaningful and happy relationship. Do not forget to remind your spouse that you are feeling very loved and happy to be half of them.

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