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Husband and wife want to live together happily not only in love but also not tired

Nowadays, divorce is increasing, so it is advisable for married couples to live together not only for love but also for not being tired.

The older the person becomes, the less important is understanding, whether love or not, living together without fatigue is the most important.

Factors that help your family stay strong.

1. Distance

In distance, love plays an important role. If two people are far apart, love can fade. However, when two people meet each other, only after a period of passionate, long will gradually become depressed. Therefore, always know how to create space in your love. How to get close to each other but still have private space determined to love is always stable.

2. Support

The indispensable element of love is mutual support and support. Simply because love is not looking at each other but is looking in one direction. If you are not supported by your lover or partner, you will feel alone in your life. On the contrary, when supported by the lover, help, both will add strength to go together for the rest of his life.

3. Forgiveness

The indispensable element in love is forgiveness. In life there is no perfect person, there will be times when you or your partner make mistakes. And then, forgiveness is a remedy to save the love of two people through the big waves. It is important that a person who knows how to repent and be sincere in his conversion, the other person should be very open, not to pick up and mow the other’s faults excessively, it will only make the air more stifling and annoying…

4. Harmony in sex

Sex is a very important factor in love. It is the bond between the two, so that love is different from friendship. In a marriage, sex determines the existence or rift of the couple. If there is no harm in sex, most likely, one of them will feel depressed and seek the ‘outside’ joy. At that time, marriage was only a shell because the two had no desire for each other.

5. Sincere

The essence of love is sincerity. Love must begin with genuine love sincerely. If two people come together for a purpose, it will be very easy to dissolve if that goal is not achieved. But if both of you love each other sincerely, no matter how difficult, both will pass and come together.

6. Responsibility

Love cannot be irresponsible. Between lovers should be responsible for each other. Once built into a family, the more responsibility it takes. Responsibility for family, children, relatives, responsibility for aging. If love is a romance when married, the meaning of each other is the most important, so responsibility is indispensable to maintain the marriage.

7. Respect

Mutual respect is indispensable in love. Respect will help two people think about each other with good things, respect, care and support for each other’s work, as well as keeping each other’s horizons and their different interests and personalities. So always respect your lover to get back like that.

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