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I love my crazy girlfriend and boyfriend shirts, Boyfriend and Girlfriend Shirts

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13 The truth about boys in love that girls should know

Guys love eyes, so the “toothpick” of the girls is understandable. But the night before going to sleep, they will only think of the girl you love.

1. In this life there is only one man who loves you, loves you willing to do all you want unconditionally. Never hurt you or make you sad always with you when you need it. That is … your father! Do not be mistaken for a second person.

2. If you think the guy looks colder the more emotional life and contains a warm heart you continue to be punished by Korean language and film. Guys outside cold, the inside is dry as usual. Boys are in uniform, not like girls!

3. Your son is not always good for anyone, or he is in debt to you, or he is in debt to you. Really!

4. Good boys do not easily say, love, They can flirt, flirt, say thousands of words with you. But to say “I love you” is a real person in their heart and if they soon give up after 1-2 months “flirting” you should not be sorry, because they flirt for fun.

5. Daughters consider love to be everything, boys do not like it, they just treat it as one of them all, in addition to love, there are still more important things especially their friends.

6. If a guy is willing to give up your PS3 to answer your message, leave the bad fortune to go out with you, spend all day to make a shopping companion for you to go shopping, so many times should not miss, he is the guy “rare find hard”.

7. You have an irreplaceable man, Dad, so his son. Mother is irreplaceable to them. So do not compare yourself to his mother, the loser will be just friends.

8. Boys love eyes, so it is easy to see girls. But the night before going to sleep, they will only think of the girl you love.

9. Make a guy sunbathe, swear to love your life is very easy, but make him the whole life to make you happy, because you wholeheartedly mind, it is difficult to pick the stars in the sky. If you can do that you should be more proud of you than the rest of the girls.

10. Never compare them to any other guy, they hate that. Because the son in love is nothing but high self-esteem.

11. What is the most foolish of a girl is to believe in the words of the flirting boys, look at what they show to you?

12. Never trust the boys, they are not busy, just do not want to see you.

13. If a guy says he loves you, he probably loves you, but he loves you at that moment, and after a second he will not love you anymore, so do not ever trust him. The love of a guy for you is forever. That is almost impossible!

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