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Give to the other half the gifts on special occasions is beautiful and meaningful in love. But, not all things can be handed over!

When giving gifts to the person we love, we always want to bring out the best. However, there are gifts couples should not give each other, because according to feng shui, it is hidden, not good for the relationship between two people. Although this has not been scientifically justified, but based on what has happened in practice, it is quite convincing and makes people really concerned.

1. Watches

In feng shui, the clock is used to count the elapsed time, so it is considered as a symbol of short-lived, indirect shortening of life and time, not durable. In addition, the Chinese also donated watches because the sound of this phrase is like the funeral, so they are very refusal.

2. Red roses

Red roses always add to the romance, but this is not a gift of good luck in love. In the five elements, the red color is fire, easy to burn. So, the red roses with the thorns will make the couples often quarrel, love more miserable and uncertain.

3. Handkerchiefs

The Handkerchief that symbolizes the separation. In love, couples give handkerchiefs to each other in anticipation of sadness, used to wipe tears and waved goodbye. Undoubtedly, with such omen, this is not a suitable gift to give to a lover.

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