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There is no need to say “love you” “love you” but many couples still have feelings for each other.

That really worth cherishing the mother?

A recent survey has shown that happy couples will have some “love signals” afterward.

Mothers read how much they’re home!

Bathing together

Many couples live together for many years, there are several faces that have not yet “bath together”.

That means that between the two are still a lot of distance, do not really understand each other, accept and trust the absolute enemy.

The Happy couple will occasionally invite their partner to bathe together.

Two people can soak together, rub each other back and can massage together again.

It is definitely an exciting time to cultivate warm feelings.

Both consider dinner!

With the current rhythm, dinner is usually the only meal of the day that the couple is sitting together, eat comfortably without any hurry.

With happy couples, dinner is very important, no matter how busy they try to go home and have dinner with their partner.

Out to eat with friends, but not too often or they will go together for dinner that day.

Go to sleep the same hour

Remember when you were newly married, you always go to bed together with an hour and warmly together.

But that seems to have changed over the years?

Try to sleep together.

Do not bring work or work alone when you are in bed, both should focus on the other half, hugging them in the lap and chatting before falling asleep.

Maintaining the habit of confiding every night will make the feelings both better and happier.

Good location for the opponent in bed

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is very necessary.

Therefore, the traffickers always find out the other half likes to lie on the bed and always give them the position that they love.

Even with the electric light, windows, they are also willing to dim each other’s preferences to let the air in the bedroom become the most cordial and gentle!


Hugging each other to celebrate the victory, hugging each other to share sadness, hugging each other for no reason is what the couple happy or do.

In particular, they are never far away from sleeping. When he began to fall asleep, his wife always buried her face in his warm chest.

But by midnight, when his wife had fallen asleep, he would gently slip away when his arm was weak, but his legs were always firmly attached to his underside.

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Showing 1–36 of 41 results