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Good words about intimate friendships are meaningful spiritual gifts that you can send to those you love to tighten up the relationship of the sibling. Fraternal feelings sometimes need only these simple but meaningful words to express. That may be the words about fraternal affection but it can be good words about brotherhood friends:

Good Sayings 1:

“Brothers in the glass under the house is happy all the joys.”

Good Sayings 2:

“Whoever does not keep up the duel of brotherhood, he loses his strongest support.”

Good Sayings 3:

“Do people have to know erectileone / See the five elders rank king / worship gods before the mother / brother harmony new to make / Husbands durable for durable / Faithful friends under the decent”.

Good Sayings 4:

“Brother / friend in the first to the fun / Lo is eating meat / eat the lake back and forth satisfied.

Good Sayings 5:

“You eat in peace, what difference does people laugh?”

Good Sayings 6:

“The filial paternity agreement because of the money that lost each other”

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