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Synthesize the most meaningful life quotes, quotes or immortals and the most meaningful of life. Please read and share!

1. Do not compare yourself to anyone in this world. If you do that, you are insulting yourself.
2. He does not like fools, he does not like drunk people.
3. Alcohol is happy to drink properly, alcohol ruled when drinking too much.
4. Suspect the honest person has inadvertently offended him.
5. The drunk mouth betrays all the secret lies in the heart.
6. Talking without thinking is like shooting without aiming.
7. The fruits of silence are peace.
8. If you do not want to hear bad words do not say bad words.
9. When the head does not think, the tongue is resting.
10. Look forward once and look around you five times.

12. When says less, you will listen more than.
13. What you don’t keep in mouth, will not be held in the house.
14. If you chửi rủa người nào that each day you sure you may on happy and life for the.
15. Kẻ lười biếng là kẻ ăn xin anh.
16. The staff does not have a request, who or angry at it with the laugh but ai or the thé, no you have a friend.
17. The user do the root owner.
18. The eye depth received, difficult that lost away, easy.

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