I love you

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In love, there is no one who has to go through the face to the pillow and cry alone, when feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness … suddenly came, section No mood of https://coupleoutfits.com I would like to send you a collection of the most lonely cry and the mood of love selected.

Love is the wish, love is a dream, love is to remember
Love is pain, away from each other
Love is wrong or because one comes to the left
Our lives are separated, the tears are spicy

I love you, love you so much.

Both joy, sadness, all.

Not to love that look strange

Interested much, remember that, know?

When I’m sad, just cry.

Do not see him smile boldly.

Look at me sad, hands have gotten.

Do you feel like rubbing salt?

I’m sad do not try to hide in my heart.

Tell me, even though you can not

Make me happy as not as possible

But I will be sad with thee.

His shoulder can not expand

His words are not soft, not sweet

His voice was not like a songbird.

But my heart will split sadness.

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