King and queen couple shirts

This king and queen couple shirt is for couples lovers different sizes colors styles are available, Please click “BUY NOW” to buy the product.



king and queen couple shirts

Matching Outfits for couples always contain love like this not get me anywhere. This King And Queen Couple shirts are for couples, lovers, different sizes, colors, styles are available.



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The Story of the King and the Queen.

Hello I’m a storyteller. And I’ll spin you a tale, although every word is true.  To be quite honest, I’d just wandered in this place for an ale. Yes, before So, Ho. Hello, hello, Soho. Oh yes I’ve travelled in your realm before. But that’s another story…. to business.

Once, (oh yes), there were a King and a Queen. Well no, that’s not quite right. Once, before that, there was a boy and a girl. They grew up on two sides of a river, a stone’s throw apart (if you were very strong), but there was never any stone throwing. They were a good match these two. No, a perfect match as is the way of things sometimes, if you’re very lucky. Which they were. But not always. No one’s lucky all the time.

So they met, these children, and played and fought and loved one other before they knew what that meant. Before they’d tasted how sweet and bitter a thing it could be: love. And each of us must learn this.

But the years floated idly by. Until later, on the cusp of adulthood they were at a dance together.

Like brother and sister they were then. Teasing and laughing and looking each other square in the eye, like they were always on the brink of remembering something. Oh to be young again.