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A kiss that breaks the distance between friendship and love.

Men disoriented after four glasses of wine; Disoriented woman after four kisses.

How did their lips meet? How did the birds sing, snow melts, rose blossoms and dawn glow after the dreary trees on the shaking hilltop? A kiss, and that’s it.

The kiss of childhood is magic. If not why would they be so darned like that?

A man who can kiss a beautiful woman while driving a car simply is not for the kiss of conscience it deserves.

Some women blush when they get married, some call the police, some swear, some bite. But the worst ones are those who laugh.

For a fool to kiss you is foolish, but let yourself be foolish because a kiss is worse.

The farthest distance in this world is not living and dying but when we are kissing but in my heart I think of others.

Kisses are secretly spoken in the mouth instead of in the ear; They are the message of love and gentleness.

I do not want to kiss you goodbye – that’s the problem – I want to kiss you good night – and that’s a huge difference.

Kiss is a cute trick that is naturally created to stop words when words become superfluous.

This life is very much like a kiss, it can make you happy, can also make you disillusioned, it can make you realize that you love, or realize that you absolutely do not love. It contains the secrets you just discovered after you’ve done it.

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