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what happiness is, the definition of happiness – beautiful words or images of happiness

What is happiness?

It is difficult to define the correctness of happiness because there are many different levels of happiness and each person can define his or her own happiness. But in general, happiness is the state of emotion when one gets, achieving something that satisfies one’s wishes.

There are many simple definitions: “Happiness is all you have”. At first, it does not seem reasonable, but if you know how to stop and try to feel yourself, about what you are doing, you are enjoying, and many others may not. other thoughts. But these can be considered as obvious and not valued. When it is lost, people will feel it.

Happiness can be waiting, but thanks -> Waiting is happy

Or the time next to the person you love

Happy with family

Happiness friends relatives

Happy in love

Does the person been happiest talk more?
Prejudice about silent, sad is probably true. Studies reveal that happy people say more. And talk about important issues that can enhance happiness, because deeper conversations seem to help people connect with others and find meaning in their lives.

Speak out – why is it important

Contrary to popular belief, the happiest students do not seem to talk much: a study reveals that students who have the most meaningful conversations are happiest. We do not know whether meaningful conversation-chicken or happy-egg comes first, but researchers feel a profound conversation has the power to make people happier.
Another reason for having a meaningful conversation is that keeping the emotions behind can have negative consequences. One study found that repressed emotional repression can make people feel negative for a long time after an unpleasant experience has passed.

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